What We Do

CatManDo builds custom, safe, durable outdoor enclosures designed with your kitties’ happiness in mind. Using only the best materials from the screen to the screws, and hand-picking each piece of wood - we build Catios and screen rooms that will last for years. All our Catios are designed specifically for your cats and your needs.

Would you like a happier, healthier cat?

We’d love to design and build a custom catio for your cat(s)! Submit this form or call us with any questions or for a complimentary quote.

Benefits of a Catio

Cats get all kinds of stimulation from being outdoors. Giving them access to the sights, sounds, and smells will make for a happier, healthier kitty. It can even improve their behavior and mood.

Most Catios we build also double as screen rooms / extended living spaces. They are completely bug-proof, so no mosquitoes or wasps can get in at all. You’ll enjoy having an outdoor area just as much as your cats.

All CatManDo Catios are designed to keep your cats safe. We build each Catio to be completely secure so no kitties can get out, and no other animals can get in. Not even coyotes, raccoons, or large dogs can get in.

Keep your cats safe

Enrich your cats' lives

Enrich your life

  1. What is a Catio?

    A Catio is any structure built to give your cat(s) some outdoor space. It ranges from a small structure outside a window to fully enclosing a covered porch with screen and everything in between.

  2. How are Catios built?

    Depending on the project, Catios can be full-fledged, permanent additions to a home, or freestanding structures only minimally attached to the house. The structure is mostly made of wood, with screen and metal fasteners.

  3. How much does a Catio cost?

    We’ve had the pleasure of working on a wide range of projects since we started. From prefabricated Catios we can order and install for you priced around $1,500 or more, smaller custom catios priced as low as $3,500 all the way up to custom screen rooms priced at $20K or higher.

  4. How long will a Catio last?

    We treat every Catio as if we were building it for ourselves, and want them to last as long as possible. We hand-pick each piece of wood, and only use the highest quality materials from the screen to the screws. With minimal maintenance, most Catios will last as long as they are taken care of, upwards of 10 years in most cases.

  5. What are the different types of Catios?

    Catios come in all shapes and sizes, and can be custom made for porches, patios, windows, covered or uncovered decks, or even open spaces in your yard. Every CatManDo Catio is designed specifically for your kitties and your needs, the only limit is your imagination.


CatManDo is committed to helping animals. We donate $100 to Austin Pets Alive! for every Catio we build.