Who we are

We are Oren and Ben Gil and we are the father / son team of CatManDo Catios. We build safe, custom, outdoor enclosures designed with your kitties’ happiness in mind. We love our cats and want to provide them with the best life possible while enriching the lives of their owners at the same time.

Why Catios?

We started building Catios because we adore cats, and believe strongly that kitties should not be left to roam yards & neighborhoods. By providing a secure space for your cats, their lives are enriched and by extension so are the lives of their people. A Catio can provide them a safe and secure way to get the ‘nature time’ they need. If your cat is currently indoor only, adding a catio will give them lots of the stimulation and relaxation they need to be happy.

We build more than just Catios, we also do custom screen rooms and extended living spaces. Almost any porch or patio can be turned into a bug-proof area you can enjoy year-round.